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Welcome To Bree's World!

Welcome To Bree's World!

-My name is Brittany
-I go by Bridget or Bree
-Fun,Sweet, and Very Out-Going!
-Im my own person!
-I post various of things on here!
-Im here to make love not war!



honestly found this cool as fuck.

I love how they have drugs, alcohol, and then Starbucks

Ha I’m going to the Netherlands to buy my weed lol

(Source: 666-grams, via smokedoutpipes)

jacobyhune-deactivated20140821 asked: You should post a pik of your feet babes;)


I will just for you ;)




When abouts do women start showing? Cause I’m being told I shouldnt be showing at 12 weeks?! I’m itty bitty to begin with. HELP?!

I’m almost 18 weeks, & weighed around 95 lbs. at 5”4’ before I got pregnant, & I’m BARELY showing. It’ll take forever for us slender people :(

Hmm. That’s weird, cause I do have a bump, oh dear… I hope it’s not twins O.o that’s terrifying

I’m 15 wks along and still not showing yet. Me being a skinny girl it will take forever but as long as the baby is doing good I’m not worried about anything else.

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